“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow,” so too large conflicts from small annoyances grow.

Annoyances, arguments, disputes, conflicts – they all soak up a tremendous amount of our mental energy. Angry thoughts pop into our head and run circles around all of what we should be thinking about. Even the smallest annoyance can quickly escalate and become a full-time, expensive problem.

It could be an argument with a co-worker, a noisy neighbor, a merchant giving you a hard time about a return, or a family member who just doesn’t agree with a decision or two that you’re making. These seemingly little things can become fodder for a heated confrontation or an “I’ll sue you” moment.

Welcome Mediate-NJ LLC – an organization focused on these community-based conflicts – helping you to work out your differences early so the ‘mighty oak’ doesn’t grow big enough to fall on you.

Mediate-NJ LLC is a consortium of experienced, professional mediators and conflict coaches who can work with you and your ‘opponent’ to find a common ground without blaming and fault-finding. Our mediators and facilitators act as third-party neutrals to help you create a solution that all parties can live with.

We’re here to help you. Give us a call now at 609-619-0039.

It doesn’t take much for a seemingly minor problem to become a major headache. Maybe you have a disagreement with a neighbor or a co-worker, that just never gets resolved and feels like it gets worse over time. Mediation is a confidential, safe and productive way of solving problems. Instead of blaming another party or deciding who’s at fault, mediation is about creating positive solutions and meaningful outcomes. It’s a process of sharing different perspectives and working together to find common ground.